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A fundamental pillar of U.S. immigration law is that families belong together. Unfortunately, the immigration process can seem like an insurmountable barrier to reunification, or to obtaining legal status for family members to be able to live and work comfortably and without fear in the United States.  At Mobility Immigration, we share our clients' joy in reuniting families and obtaining legal status for family members. We understand every family is unique, and we celebrate the characteristics that make your family special. 

We are dedicated to walking with you and your family every step of the journey so that you can feel assured that you can rely upon our expertise throughout the entire immigration process. This dedication stands true for every single one of our clients, and you can be assured that no matter what your family looks like you will be valued, respected, and understood.

Our Family-Based Immigration services include:​

  • Filing fiancee visa applications for fiancees of U.S. citizens

  • Visa applications for spouses and children of U.S. citizens and permanent residents

  • Visa applications for parents and siblings of U.S. citizens

  • Assisting with consular processing for family members obtaining visas at a U.S. consulate in their home country

  • Adjustment of status applications for immediate family members of U.S. citizens already in the United States

  • Immigration waivers for family members, including waivers of unlawful presence, criminal waivers, and applications for permission to reenter the United States after deportation

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