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Whether you are ready to apply for naturalization in the United States, need to renew your permanent resident card or employment authorization document, or just have general questions regarding your status, Mobility Immigration can help you determine your best options and eligibility, and guide you step-by-step along the complicated path to legal status. We are committed to treating each of our clients with the same high level of attention to ensure that each of our clients feel valued and respected.

Our individual immigration services include:

  • Filing naturalization applications to become a U.S. citizen

  • Renewing employment authorization documents and DACA

  • Filing affirmative asylum applications

  • Assisting victims of crimes and domestic violence in obtaining U visas and VAWA

  • Filing adjustment of status applications for asylees and U visa holders to become legal permanent residents

  • Providing strategic guidance for individuals to determine best options for obtaining legal status 

  • Providing general consulting services to answer questions regarding your status or immigration goals

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