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For many businesses, successfully competing in an increasingly global economy requires hiring and retaining top talent employees. The search for talent does not need to end at national borders. However, the complex laws, regulations, and procedures required to obtain employment-based visas and legal status to be authorized to work in the United States for foreign employees can seem daunting. 


At Mobility Immigration, we provide unparalleled counsel to businesses of all sizes to make hiring, retaining, and transitioning employees across borders seamless and efficient. Our services go beyond merely filling out forms. We consult closely with business owners, human resource managers, and entrepreneurs to develop comprehensive immigration strategies tailored to your needs. 

In crafting business and employment immigration solutions, Mobility Immigration has the expertise and experience to help our clients in the following areas:

  • Applying for employment-based non-immigrant visas and statuses, including H-1B, L, E, O, and TN visas

  • Transitioning non-immigrant employees to permanent residency through employment-based permanent resident petitions, including preparing Labor Certifications (PERM) and petitioning EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 employment-based immigrant visas (Form I-140).

  • Applying for Adjustment of Status for non-immigrant employees with approved I-140 Petitions

  • Preparing and applying for extensions of non-immigrant status or employment authorization for employees.

  • Assisting with transferring highly-skilled and managerial employees from overseas

  • Guiding investors in all steps to obtaining their E-2 visa to come to the U.S. to direct their investment/business endeavor

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